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Door Hardware

Door hardware from Calgary Door Services comes in a variety of options depending on what you need. Our experts can offer advice, information, book installations and supply hardware according to your door specifications, access needs, and more.

Door Operators

Calgary Door Services has door operator options for almost any door to open and close automatically.

All Door Types

Calgary Door Services handles all kinds of doors, including steel, aluminum, glass, wood, and fibreglass. If it's a door, we can help.

Door Locks

Secure your doors with all kinds of locks, including meachnical, electric, motion sensor, push button, and more.

Door Buttons & Triggers

Door buttons and triggers of all kinds signal to your door to open - including handi-cap buttons, wave sensors, motion sensors and more.

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors welcome customers of all abilities and make your location conveniently accessible.

Door Safety Sensors

Safety sensors for your door send a signal to your operator to prevent it from opening if someone is in the way.

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