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Calgary Door Services offers expert advice and guidance on the top automatic door brands, including Record USA, Dorma, Hunter, LCN, Norton and more. We understand that doors may not be top of mind until you need one, and every need is unique - from the size of opening, to the functionality required. Our team of experts can assess your needs and offer you insights you may not have considered. Give us a call today to explore how we might be able to help you make a great decision.

Detex Automatic Doors


For more than a century, Detex has earned the trust of millions of property owners to secure and protect their people and property.

Dorma Automatic Doors


Dorma is an industry leader and trusted source for security systems and access controls.

Hunter Automatics Automatic Doors

Hunter Automatics

Hunter automatic doors have been designed to perfectly blend in any type of building.

Crane Automatic Doors

Crane (by Dorma)

Crane Revolving Doors bring your vision to life- from an elegant all-glass door to multiple doors, create a complete entrance system.

LCN Automatic Doors


LCN automatic operators are the proven standard in schools and health care facilities for over 20 years.

Norton Automatic Doors


Norton Door Controls continuously develops cutting-edge door control solutions for swing door applications.

Blasi Automatic Doors


Blasi door designs are characterised by uncompromising functionality, spectacular looks and exceptional standards of finish.

Record USA Automatic Doors

Record USA

Record-usa offers automated door ways including sliding doors, swinging doors, ADA operators, manual ICU doors and folding doors.


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