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Caulking Repairs, Re-Seals

Caulking and re-seal services for your doors restore water tightness to protect your building and improves appearance. If you're experiencing leaks, stains, or are seeing the effects of water entering your building such as swelling wood trim, floor warping, or other signs of water damage, talk to our team of experts. We can work with you to see how re-caulking and sealing your doors will prevent additional damage and prevent you from possibly replacing the frame and door prematurely. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options and begin to make a plan.

Aluminum Door Repair & Maintenance

Stuck, rubbing, not closing, or slamming aluminum doors can be a hazard, our technicians are here to help!

Wood and Fibreglass Door Repair & Maintenance

Wood or fibreglass doors that have been damaged or aren't functioning are no problem for our experienced team.

Revolving Door Repair & Maintenance

Revolving doors are supposed to revolve - they keep people moving and keep elements out. Having issues? We're here to help.

Steel Door Repair & Maintenance

Damaged steel doors can cause security issues, stop the right people from accessing your property, or leave you open to the elements. We can help.

Automatic Door Repair & Maintenance

Automatic doors are great when they're working - but if they're delayed, unresponsive, or are stuck, we can help.

Glass Door Repair & Maintenance

Glass doors look beautiful and let lots of light in, but if they're cracked or not functioning, we can help.

Automatic Sliding Door Repair & Maintenance

Sliding doors are great for entrances with tight clearance, but if they're stuck, de-railed, or not functioning right, reach out to us.

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