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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your doors will ensure they last long, reducing the cost of ownership over time. Maintenance includes a thorough inspection by our experience technicians, adjustments to hinges, strikes, closers, automatic operators, and any other aspect of your doors. Failure to maintain doors can shorten the life cycle, and create an urgent repair that may cause an interruption to your business or home, or leave your property open to unauthorized access. Talk to our experts today to learn about how our customizable door maintenance plans can help you save money and secure your property.

Aluminum Door Repair & Maintenance

Stuck, rubbing, not closing, or slamming aluminum doors can be a hazard, our technicians are here to help!

Automatic Door Repair & Maintenance

Automatic doors are great when they're working - but if they're delayed, unresponsive, or are stuck, we can help.

Turnstyle Repair & Maintenance

Turnstyles are a great way to control traffic flow in and out of your property, but when they don't work they're useless. We can help.

Toilet Stall, Partition & Lock Repair & Maintenance

Toilet stalls and partitions are important for privacy and safety, and when one doesn't close - it's unnerving for everyone. We can help.

Steel Door Repair & Maintenance

Damaged steel doors can cause security issues, stop the right people from accessing your property, or leave you open to the elements. We can help.

Automatic Sliding Door Repair & Maintenance

Sliding doors are great for entrances with tight clearance, but if they're stuck, de-railed, or not functioning right, reach out to us.

Folding Grill and Grill Repair & Maintenance

Folding grill or gate enclosures are a great way to keep retail stores secure in open spaces like malls or airports - when they don't work, give us a call to repair.

Impact and Crash Door Repair & Maintenance

Impact and crash doors are some of the most abused doors out there - they take a lot of impacts and crashing. When they've given up, we can help.

Glass Door Repair & Maintenance

Glass doors look beautiful and let lots of light in, but if they're cracked or not functioning, we can help.

Revolving Door Repair & Maintenance

Revolving doors are supposed to revolve - they keep people moving and keep elements out. Having issues? We're here to help.

Architectural Hardware Repair & Maintenance

Doors are just the start - they need knobs, levers, locks, and other hardware. If your doorknobs, levers or locks aren't functioning, we can help.

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