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Projects & New Construction

Renovating? Building? Updating? Calgary Door Services has the team of experts to guide you through the process of division 8 and 10 requirements, including doors, jambs, access control, locking hardware, egress requirements, and fire code. Contact us to get started, we work with general contractors, integrators, operations managers, and anyone else who's job it is to ensure doors open, close, and lock when they're supposed to.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Get a beautiful and sleek design with commercial quality for your sliding door entrance that conveniently welcomes visitors. Contact us to explore fits and finishes to ensure your doors are attractive, convenient, and fit the needs of your facility. Interior and exterior options are available.

Steel Doors

Steel Doors

The standard steel door is always a great choice for medium to high frequency areas. They can be insulated, fire rated or can have a window cut into them. Accoustic doors are great for areas where sound quality matters. They combine great sound transmission loss with the look of a normal metal door. Blast resistance and air pressure resistance make these doors one of the best choices for safety. Working in a high security area can be dangerous and bullet resistant doors are there to help make it safer. Bullet resistant glazing can be added to keep your doors looking their best. Perfect for separating the inside from the outside. Stainless steel doors don�t readily corrode, rust, or stain when exposed to the elements. This allows them to keep looking great long after their installation. For extra protection with great style, embossed steel doors are a great choice. When kicked, steel doors will withstand the impact and continue to stand .

Wood and Fibreglass Doors

Wood and Fibreglass Doors

Wood and fiberglass doors are one of the top choices for home owners, mainly because of high-end appearance that can be attained. Offering a large range of finishes, many are custom made. This type does come with increased maintenance to keep the door looking its best.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors

Energy effieciency, security and convenience are hallmarks of great automatic revolving doors, ideal for commercial and retail entrances. Featuring superior design from the most reputable manufacturers, explore options with our team of experts to find the right look and feel, as the function your building needs.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum Doors

Easily maintainable, safe and reliable, aluminum doors do not need to be painted often to protect them from the elements. They also come in a variety of thicknesses and as the thickness increases, so does the overall strength and rigidity of the door. They can be insulated, fire rated, or demountable.

Automatic Swing Doors

Swing Doors

Flexible, efficient, and automated. Explore swing doors from Calgary Door Services for your entrance to enhance accessibility for all. Perfect for exterior and interior doors, explore the efficient low power options or full power to withstand wind or other factors. Talk to our team of experts to discuss your needs and we can help fit you with the right doors to meet your access requirements.

Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Glass doors allow for natural light to flow into the interior while providing a barrier from the outside. They are also a great choice for providing sound proofing to office spaces while keeping the space visually open. To increase the privacy, different styles of film are available. These can give both privacy, add strength, and be aesthetically pleasing.

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