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Door Buttons & Triggers

Door buttons and triggers of all kinds signal to your door to open - including handi-cap buttons, wave sensors, motion sensors and more. Calgary Door Services has AAADM certified experts to help you with your decision. Talk to us about your door triggers, and we can explore your needs to uncover a great long term door opening solution that's accessible to everyone.

Navis Hip & Elbow Push Paddles

Navis Hip & Elbow Push Paddles

Similar to the paddles above, these hip/elbow push paddles from Calgary Door Services offer hands free operation with the discreet aesthetic to match any interior design.

Door Opener Push Buttons

Push Buttons

Push buttons offer simple and ergonomical opening triggers for visitors to your business, and welcome users of almost all abilities.

Door Approach and Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Open automatically when someone approaches your business to welcome them in seamlessly while keeping them safe.

Push and Go Doors

Push and Go

Push and go doors sense the initial push from your visitors and take over from there to create a welcome and easy to access entryway.

Door Wave Buttons and Sensors

Wave Buttons and Sensors

Don't touch, wave! Wave sensors are an easy upgrade from standard push button door openers and do not require physical touch.


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