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Doors Need Love Too

Doors just need a little love sometimes - and Calgary Door Services has the team to help you do it! If your door is stuck, rubbing, leaking, not closing, closing too fast... or otherwise not behaving the way you want, contact us.


We're here to help.

Projects & New Construction

Renovating? Building? Updating? Calgary Door Services has the team of experts to guide you through the process of division 8 and 10 requirements.

Door Replacement

Door replacement services will restore your entry to new condition when repairs or current functionality is no longer an option.

Flashing Repairs

Door flashing repairs restores the trim around your door to direct rain and other precipitaion away.

Door Repair

Door repair services includes fixing rubbing, slamming, closing, and locking problems and will restore your door to 100% functionality.

Glass Replacement

Door glass replacement services restores your doors security and appearance from damage like cracks, chips, or leakage.

Leak Investigation

Not sure how water is getting in? Our experts can help investigate leaks to identify issues and provide repair advice.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on your doors will ensure they last long, reducing the cost of ownership over time.

Caulking Repairs, Re-Seals

Caulking and re-seal services for your doors restore water tightness to protect your building and improves appearance.

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